sun set in the sun civilization


the sun civilization was perhaps the strongest of the five.

The sun civilization was located in present day goldcoast region .Its territory extended as far north as lake arii and as far east as the wasin islands.


fivehundred years ago a new and powerful nation was ceated,the sun civilivation'.This civilization emerged when the first king brought together the fourteen villages that surrounded his home town Gin.He convinced the elders of the villages to come together and become and live together in Taiyo,the new capitle village-city of the sun civilization.Under his through the third king of the suns rule they acquired the land of what is now the eleven regions of sun.The civilization was able to survive one hundred and seventy years.the sun civilization territory was eventually broken up into eleven regions,of unknown reasons.

--Derrick11 16:07, April 4, 2012 (UTC)derrick11

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