"Don`t be fooled by the name republic,the republic of sand
'is but a secret dictatorship."
​     -General Lee Washin


The republic of sand was established 200 years ago by the great granddaughter of the third sand daiou,after the destruction of the sand civilization.This so called union was established when the great granddaughter of the third secretly formed an army force that invaded four countries that were once part of the order of five.The four countries were invaded and concurred the following summer.In the following months she assumed the position as dictator.In order to hide her assault on the four countries she stated that the countries were now part of the republic of sand that she had assembled.She later appointed each former country with it own governor.But she later stated that she never maintained full control of the former countries do to rebelliousness from the people,which in fact allowed the people to secretly govern themselves under her and the other government officials noses.

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