Hiku shi was the fifth mizunoo of the ocean civilization .She was also the last mizunoo to come from the Shi family after she was said to have died or murdered one night for unknown reasons .she was told to be the worst mizunoo of all time.


Hiku was born into the wealthy and great Shi family .She was a small and fragile child at berth,but when she turned seven she was deemed the strongest person in the whole empire and her family line.She was later kidnapped by the former forest civilization,who had kidnapped her in an attempt to persuade the ocean civilization to give the forest control of lake Shi and control of the northern parts of the ocean empire in exchange for the princes . Within days of the ocean signing the agreement, Hiku was found injured in a cave not fare from the angora mountains.She was later told that she was the Ryugashi of water.The news was not so good to the people of the ocean they feared that if she became Mizunoo she would use the power of the ryugashi to take control of everything and eventually become a dictator.when she turned twenty she became mizunoo following the death of her father.During her fourteen years of rule she accomplished many things.She had a city built for her father and the previous mizunoo,twelve new schools were opened ,and she also lead the ocean in the 77 day war.She later dead when she was 34 after she was said o have been murdered. Because she had no children and no living brothers or sisters the title of mizunoo was given to the eldest son of the second highest authority in the empire. she was given the title the worst mizunoo of all time because of the hatred the people had for her being ryugashi.


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