Fu and Tialin Shi were the parents of Jin Shi who at the time were simple farmers.They lived in the village of Gin and owned two shops.


Fu was a farmer who lived in gin with his parents .one day he came across a cat who seemed to have gotten lost in his farm.He took the cat in as his own and named it waso.some time later he met Tailin who was looking for her lost cat,he immediately ran inside and got waso,thinking it was hers.It turned out that waso was hers .She decided to let him keep waso.Fu then looked at her and said "I have never met a more beautiful and kind women like you", which made her blush.Some months later the two fell in love and got married.Tailin then gave birth to their eldest son Tarou Shi.Some months later waso whom they that was a boy turned out to be a girl and she had twelve kittens.Three years later they had their second child Hiuko shi,who would eventually become the co-founder of mizuumi and the ocean civilization.The couple then opened their own flower shop and retired


Fu: was a vary smart and wise man.he didn't smile often and was never the patient kind of person .He was very independent and never wanted anyone to help him even if he was in trouble,because he thought a man should never ask for help or except it if offered.After he got married he seemed to talk less and less to at a point that he would only speak to Tailin and reply yes or no.

TAILIN:she was always the quiet tip,she didn't speak unless spoken to.She was very smart and bright because unlike Fu she went to school and often felt she was always right anytime her and Fu had an argument .overall she was kind sweet and a loving mother to her three children.

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sun civilization

sun civilization

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