Forest civilization

The forest civilization was the most divided of all the four great nations.


In the time when the four civilizations were new a women named yasu hisante traveled the northwestern hemisphere collecting information about the people who lived there,but of unknown reasons.She later convinced the people to not live together in one village-city,but to come together under one name in hope of preventing the ocean from attaching the villages in the area and mainly her home town and later capital of the forest civilization Ho-mura.This was because the ocean had sent there military into the lower parts of the northwest, concurring and destroying villages in the area.The mizunoo at that time agreed to only stop his attacks if he saw that there was an established nation and leader, he would stop and leave the villages in the area alone and would sign a treaty to prove it.She amused position as their leader and the first Morinoo of what most people in the world called a fake civilization.Yasu remained morinoo for sixteen years.She maintained a good relationship with the ocean civilization and its mizunoo.She was later kidnapped and killed by the ocean mizunoo himself after he was told that yasu was planing on revealing all of the oceans secrets she had learned to the eleven regions of sun and sand civilization.After she died she was succeeded by her son Lee hisante who ruled for the last sixty six years the forest was thought of as a civilization

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